Marshall Elementary Teacher List 2017-2018

Emily A. Branch

Kristel Leanne Dunn
April Gant
Cassandra Kay Logan

1st - 5th Grade Inclusion
Ellen Harpole - 1st
Meredith Cobbins - 2nd & 5th
Tiffany McCaleb - 3rd
Leah Garrott - 4th
First Grade:
Tracy Shaw Kiker
Jacqueline Mccorkle
Tracie Mitchell
Second Grade:
Harding Hubbard, III
Shelley C. McCrory
Hillery Stephens
Self-Contained Class and Severe and Profound:
Diana H. Palmer - Self Contained SPED
Rachelle Clay - Severe and Profound
Third Grade:
Karen Nicole King - ELA/Writing/Social Studies/Spelling
Sue McGlothan - Math/Science/Health

Fourth Grade:
Kayla Caves - ELA/Writing/Social Studies/Spelling
Katina Duren - ELA/Writing/Social Studies/Spelling
Janet Henley - Math/Science/Health
Barbara A. Miller - Math/Science/Health

 Fifth Grade:
Janice Williams - ELA
Charlie Jones:  Math/Social Studies
Tshombe Townsend - Writing/Spelling
 Maxine Mcbride: Science/Health
Physical Education
Jennifer Marett
Ruby Burkhead
Speech Language:
Toni Storey
Gifted Education 2-6th Grades:
Cindy Roberts
Literacy Coach:
Khalilah Tate

EL Coordinator, School Test Coordinator,
TST Chairperson and Reading Interventionist:
Kizzie Edwards