Marshall Elementary School

"The Best School In The World"

Registration at Marshall Elementary
"The Best School In The World"
Registration is now closed for Pre-K. 
Registration is for Kindergarten now everyday from 8:00am to 3:00pm at the school. 

Registration for grades K - 5th graders
is available now from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m at the school. 
Download Registration Form Here

Mrs. Branch's students are having center time.
Students working in the computer lab.
Mrs. Kiker is monitoring Kyleigh Sibley as she reads.
Mrs. Branch is reading to her class during center time.
Mrs. Williams working with Aden Gentry during reading class.
Mr. Harges interacting with students.
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The Carroll County Development Association held a Teacher Appreciation Dinner on Monday, April 10th where educators from the Carroll County School District were recognized. Mrs. Doris McClain recieved the Special Recognition Award . The award for Teacher of the Year was given to Mrs. Kizzie Edwards.

Pictured are Mr. Billy Ferguson, Mrs. Doris McClain, Mrs. Kizzie Edwards and Mr. Fletcher Harges.
Marshall's Fourth Grade class pledging to do their best on the
Community giving back to  "The Best School In The World"