J. Z. George Teacher List 2017-2018


Benjamin Z Burton - 10th Grade History
William Rodgers - 11th Grade US History/World Geography

Patricia Nokes - 9th - 12th Grades Social Studies
Douglas Butts - Social Studies
Genette Holmes - Social Studies
Amy Clements - 6th and 7th Grade Social Studies


Kathryn Fields - 10th - 12th Grades
Marshall E Guess - 8th Grade
Judy Henson - 9th - 12th Algebra
Carolyn Sherrod - 10th - 12th Grades Geometry/Algebra
Jamie R Tucker - 6th Grade Math

Wanda Merritt


Mary Kilburn - 10th Grade English
Sharon Kinnel - 6th Grade English
Etta Liddell-Walker - English/Journalism/Debate
Michelle Muncher - 8th Grade English
Joe Nokes - 12th Grade English

Willie Reese - 6th and 7th Grade English


Lisa Carol McNamara - 7th - 8th Grades
Scott Mccrory - 9th - 12th Physical Science/Biology/MS Geography
Guy P Alderman - 11th - 12th Grades Chemistry & Physics

Kelly L. Stokes-Hervey 9th - 12th Grades Biology/AP

Fine Arts

Susanna Harris


Coach Marshall E. Guess - Director
Torrey Dale
Hal Haney

Special Education

Cynthia R. Newman
Bernard Jones

Suzette Ruscoe
Angelia Tidwell

Danielle White
Toni Storey


Candace W Wheat - Business and Accounting
Kayla C. Hamilton - Health Sciences
Jeffrey Fulgham - Construction Trades

Jeri Moore - Family and Consumer Sciences
Kemeya Richardson - ICT I and ICT II
Wendolyn Davis - Law and Public Safety
Donald Richardson - STEM
Tracey Costilow - Special Populations

Sherry Foster

Dorothy Ivory – Life Help
Rashida Watson


Shelby Stapleton - Band Director
Jacob Jackson - Assistant Band Director


Lilly Green Dickson

Jobs for MS Graduates

Stacey Weatherby

Computer Lab

Robyn Whitcomb

Cindy Roberts

Melvin Petty